Research Team

Sandeep Purao

Professor, IPM, Bentley University. Extensive portfolio of funding and publications across disciplines and funding sources. Research focus: design and evaluation of IT-based solutions for organizational and societal problems. Ph.D. in Management Science, with training in accounting and law.

David Murungi

Assistant Professor, IPM, Bentley University. Ph.D. in Information Systems and Decisions Sciences and Master of Public Administration from Louisiana State University. B.A. in Political Science from Williams College. Research Interests: Social Implications of Technology in Organizational Settings, Discourse Analysis, and Healthcare Information Systems.

David Yates

Associate Professor, CIS, Bentley University. Ph.D. and Masters in Computer Science from U Mass, Amherst, B.S. in Electrical Engineering / Computer Science from Tufts. Research Interests: IS Education, Digital Government, Telecommunications Policy.